Respectful Etiquette.


I always want my clients to receive the maximum enjoyment and benefit from my massages. In order for this to happen it is important for me to respect them and in return for them to respect me. In case there are any questions concerning what is and what is not appropriate, I would like to offer guidance here so you can familiarise yourself with my expectations.



When preparing yourself for the session I ask that you please bathe or shower prior to arrival. Be sure to arrive in a manner that you will be best received, and please be on time. I take a lot of time preparing for my sessions.  Before you experience my exquisite touch, I have already spent over an hour preparing for you, so that you are greeted with love and respect. For this reason, I only take 2 to 3 clients a day. If you are booking a session longer than 2 hours, you will most likely be my only client for that day. 



Please offer me the respect as you would any therapist, doctor or colleague. I will offer the same courtesy to you. It is important to me to make your session, beautiful, conscious, sensual, relaxing, invigorating, pleasure filled and ecstatic. And while the service that I offer is Sensual in nature, it is not a Sexual Service. Much of the benefit of these sessions is gained through the loving touch and tactile feel that my client and I experience when we are both naked. This allows me to maximise the exchange of loving energy that this form of massage creates through skin to skin contact. Because of this, mutual trust is paramount and you must allow me as your guide to control when, where and how this physical contact takes place. 


My goal is to honour all aspects of your being and if you return that same privilege to me we will joyfully progress along the sensual path that ultimately leads you to the joyful elation that only my sensual tantric massage can offer you. I want you to feel safe and secure as we embark together on this wonderful adventure and thus I will always respect your safety, your security and your privacy. All that I ask from you in return is that you extend these same simple courtesies to me.